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the holy grail of caving

Produced by Rio Tinto, this video explains how cave mining works and features how Rio Tinto intends to use Cave Tracker in their cave mining operations at Oyu Tolgoi, Mongolia.

world first flow monitoring through fragmented and solid rock in a block cave

Underground cave mines are challenging working environments. For many decades cave mines have been characterised by the challenge of how to understand ore flow movement. Until the development of Elexon Mining’s Cave Tracker System, it was not possible to know for sure what the ore body was doing before and during the mining process. Understanding ore flow movement will directly affect personnel safety and mining operations. Elexon Mining developed the Cave Tracker system in conjunction with CRC Mining, Newcrest and Rio Tinto. Cave Tracker allows mine operators, for the first time, to see flow movement in the cave in real time.

safe and performing sublevel caving

Learn about the challenges of sublevel caving and some of the solutions we have developed to overcome these challenges.

cave tracker

Cave Tracker is a revolutionary world-first system developed by Elexon Mining in conjunction with Rio Tinto, CRC Mining and Newcrest. It allows real time viewing of ore flow movement in the cave.

cave tracker presentation – massmin 2016

Elexon Mining Project Manager, Dylan Whiteman, delivered a paper at Massmin 2016. This paper featured world-first results from Cave Tracker monitoring at Argyle Diamond mine.