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Elexon Mining


Advanced in-ground monitoring systems for safe high-performing mining.

Elexon Mining develops and delivers innovative geotechnical monitoring systems for modern performance-oriented open pit and underground mines. These systems are conceived through collaboration with national and international partnerships which include mining companies and research organisation. Elexon’s systems provide invaluable data that empower mining companies to make well-founded decisions to improve safety, efficiency and resource conversion.


Elexon Mining is currently active in the following fields:

Cave monitoring systems


Elexon is the world leader in developing products and systems that track ore flow and recovery in cave mines. This technology aims to minimise safety and economic risks inherent in cave mining operations through the delivery of accurate data that is effectively an ‘eye into the mine’.

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Wireless in-ground monitoring


Elexon has extended its Smart Marker technology to develop wireless in-ground monitoring systems for mines. These wireless sensors are embedded into slopes such as open pit walls, waste dumps and tailings dams. The sensors will detect ground movements, allowing mine operators to evaluate the data and make informed decisions that can directly impact mine safety and productivity.

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